Mission and vision

Quality policy

Mission and visionMission – For life as it could be
Our mission is to continuously and consistently satisfy the needs of of consumers and business partners, provide an environment in which our employees to strive for success in an atmosphere that encourages their development, to improve the way of life and work for the good of society in which we live and the environment in which we both keep in mind the needs of man and preservation of natural resources. We are a company dedicated to breeding lives, time and space.

Vision – In collusion with the future
Our vision is to be a synonym for a company that constantly setting higher standards in the business area, trade and investment, not only to introduce new habits and trends, but to creates and provides them. To be a synonym for a company that operates in concert with the time that comes.

The values which we hold are the principles that underlie our business. They guide us in the pursuit of our goals.

Corporate values
•    Quality and reliability
•    willingness to challenge
•    satisfied customer is our measure of success
•    innovation
•    monitoring trends
•    confidence
•    develop team spirit